Career Profile


Third Year Computer Science and Engineering student at IIIT-Delhi. Passionate about computers and technology. Like analysing existing softwares and understand their underlying algorithms. Adaptable learner with flexible interests in Data Science, Networks and Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and programming. Effective communication and critical thinking skills, and great ability to work in teams.


Research Intern

Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
Elucidata Corporations

Understanding procedures for metabolomics and LCMS (Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry). Work on open source LCMS data analysis platform Elucidata-Maven and explore algorithmic reasons for complications in examining visualisations. Propose and implement alternative approaches.

Teaching Assistant (Under Professor Sumit Darak)

Feb 2018 - Apr 2018

Design Head, Kaleidoscope

Oct 2017 - Nov 2017

Co-designer for Kaleidoscope 2017, the student’s magazine of IIIT-Delhi. Proposed various designs and layouts, winnowed through them for decent schematics and design the content using the paradigm.

Summer Intern

May 2017 - July 2017

Explore existing technologies for creating a portal for exchanging Voter Information, Election management, Communication, and Education (Election Commission of India) among electoral bodies of the world under Prof. Pushpendra Singh

Product Developer

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

Develop a secure assessment system using server side scripting. The platform will be capable of performing online test and quizzes for students.

Application Developer

Jan 2017 - Feb 2017

Work on developing cross platform applications using Cordova and Electron, and contribute to an online video/music downloading application.

Website Manager and Developer

Community Work
Center for Social Security Action and Research (CSSAR)

CSSAR helps in education of underprivileged children. Was given the privilege to redesign the entire website. Also was given an opportunity to interact with the students and record their daily activities.


A list of all the products and projects that I have developed and a small introduction to each.

Network Mapping
Understanding the relationships between autonomous system (AS) and their relationships without accessing their proprietary arrangements using Border Gateway Protocol and Routeview table entries to create the world map of network, clearly displaying explaining AS import export policies and their relations, and provide an AS level path for packet transfer and reachability without traceroute based approaches.
Wifi SNMP trap analysis
SNMP trap analysis for enhanced space utilization. Using the SNMP traps of wifi routers and finding the number of people in a particular area. Capable of marking attendance and checking the class/event strength, thus providing us with individual device location and connections within a network, mapping the space with population.
Secure Banking Web Application primarily targeting elimination of possible vulnerabilities and implementation of necessary security features. Application developed using concurrent locks on databases and django web-server, tested by peers against many implementation and security vulnerabilities.
Waddle (Online Chat Application)
Waddle Chat is the pre-eminent web based message exchange platform for real-time chat experience. Uses Google Firebase's NoSQL database. Collects messages from friends we add and send them in real-time, just like any other chatting application. Extension into API’s and supporting cross-platform mobile application are the future scope. Later was adopted by the startup as a chatting feature for the students who needed time for interaction.
Library Management System
Database Management Systems Project that is used to organise and maintain the functionalities of a library.
Java, SQL.
Mass Messenger
8051 Mass Messenger: Sends messages to the specified phone numbers on pressing buttons, in order to make an announcement. Multiple messages can be saved and sent in a single click. (GSM Module and Assembly Language).
Facility Management System
Facility Management System using Java and Directory structured Backend support. Handles various functioalities of Facility Management.
Smart Glasses for the Visually Impaired
Smart aid for visually impaired people to help them read using RaspberryPi and RasPi Cam to capture the image, extract text, understand it and convert it to audio, thus enabling them to read.

Skills & Proficiency


Python & Django